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Nandesora Tjihero
February 25
highly recommend
If you think of cheap international calls, then is good for you.
Allan Riley
February 24
Top service and really good value.
Calls are good quality, cheap and allow you to keep in touch with overseas so easily!
Parveen Kumar
February 24
Excellent voice clearity.
Excellent experience using but still waiting for unlimited talk time plan.
fred saint
February 23
Felix Abrifor
February 22
Excellent but the charging rate per minute is too high thanks.
Perfectly and excellent connection but the charging rate per minute is too high please make reduction to Nigeria thanks.
Metis Assets
February 22
Good prices, perfect call quality
Just perfect.
Mary Ford
February 22
Love this service
My son lives in DuBai and I have used Keep Calling for years without a problem. It is convenient and very easy to add minutes. Thank you so much!
Mark Yasewicz
February 22
Fantastic Convenience and Price!!
I have a sister in Switzerland who likes to talk A LOT. If were not for KeepCalling my phone bills would have me in debtors prison (if there is such a thing anymore). Anyway, connection is always great and a $20 recharge seems to go so very far despite frequent conversations that can go on for hours! The pinless dialing as well as speed dialing means that I can call with 2 button presses from a number of different phones. I love this service!!
February 22
Keep Calling Review.
Good Service
February 21
Very reasonable price
All of my in laws live in Rome and this is the most reasonable and reliable service that I've ever used
Ahmed Nagi
February 21
Charge my mom and gf phone credit
I need to charge my gf and my mom phone credit. This site made it easy for me. When I am abroad I charge my phone .
Chris Mitchell
February 20
Reliable but shame costs have recently increased
Reliable service, easily connected and little drop outs. Customer Service good if needed and helpful. Recent tripling of costs.
Gaurav Rawat
February 20
Improved sound quality
KeepCalling has improved the quality of call which is quite impressive.
Ramesh Jayakumar
February 20
Excellent App for calling
Nice app, customer service is very good, rates are comparitively very less in monthly subscription, calls are very clear, can able to use with one user I'd in different systems at the same time. I am using this app from 2014 and I never felt any problems in it.
February 19
Great and secure 👍
This is a great and secure company. I have been a customer for four years and I never have a problem concerning the minutes I buy or someone stilling my Visa card information. You will never loose the minutes you have left no matter how long you don't use them. Very trusted company. I will stick with them forever. I just wish that they offer discount sometimes.
February 19
Excellent application
Very easy to use and good quality phone calls.
February 19
Excellent. ..fuss free...very simple to use and extremely good value across the world
debbie wilson
February 18
love it!!
Laeeq Ahmad
February 18
Excellent Service. Consistent good call quality. Highly recommended
Muhammad Shahid Khan
February 18
The best
I would lik to see balance left after each call x here it's a draw back we can't find our remained balance.